Register for YOW 2019

BERUSY’s annual (Y)outh (O)utreach (W)eekend is an incredible opportunity for Beth El 9-12th graders. This fun and meaningful weekend is completely subsidized and at no cost to participants thanks in part to a generous gift from the Seth Foundation, in loving memory of Seth Karon Z"L by his parents and brother, Stefanie, Bob, and Jason. YOW is a unique chance to get to know the members of our chapter and enjoy a weekend away.

In its 12th year, YOW 2019 will be held September 13th-15th at Perlstein Resort and Conference in the Wisconsin Dells!

Registration is now open and spots are limited, so sign-up now!


Roommate requests will be honored to the greatest extent possible. Please include the first and last name of requests and separate by a comma.

Parent or Guardian

Emergency/Medical Information

In order for medication to be administered, ALL medication must be put into single dosage packets, labeled with instructions and time to be taken. All medication should be given to staff prior to boarding the bus. If no medication, please indicate with N/A.
please indicate N/A if none apply


Please indicate which of the following services you are interested in leading:


For purposes of this standards agreement, a “Beth El Synagogue event” or “activity” shall include all times from the moment when youth affiliated with Beth El Synagogue leaves his or her home, until the moment said youth returns to his or her home. This includes free time and during transportation to and from the event, and all times during home-hospitality events.  Adherence to the standards set forth by this code of conduct is assumed and required by all those present at said events and programming.

1.  Kashrut will be observed according to the chapter policies, including during transportation to and from Beth El Synagogue events, and during “free time.”

2.  Religious Observance.  All Beth El Synagogue youth and staff shall observe the religious policies established by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, including those pertaining to Shabbat observance (including arrival prior to Shabbat and travel on Shabbat exclusively to a scheduled synagogue event or services, as well as refraining from the use of electronic devices during Shabbat or Yom Tov services, meals, and programs); all males must wear Kippot during all services and meals, and Tallit/Tefillin for morning services, where appropriate. The Beth El Synagogue Youth Department Dress Code will be observed at all times.

3.  Possession or use of any weapons, alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs,  and/or medication not prescribed for the one in possession is not permitted at a Beth El Synagogue event. 

4.  Gambling is not permitted at a Beth El Synagogue event, with the exception of “Casino” or Bingo programs intended for charity.

5.  Timely attendance at all scheduled Beth El Synagogue activities is required, and only those “registered” for the Beth El Synagogue event are permitted to attend, unless otherwise approved by the event director.  No Beth El Synagogue youth may leave the premises in which a scheduled event is located without prior approval of the event director, as well as prior permission of the parent/guardian.  No Beth El Synagogue youth shall be permitted to drive unsupervised to an out-of-Twin Cities regional event.

6.  Camp/Hotel Hospitality.  Males are not permitted in sleeping rooms assigned to females, and females are not permitted in sleeping rooms assigned to males.  No Beth El Synagogue youth shall leave his/her room after curfew.  Further, stealing and/or shoplifting will not be tolerated.

7.  Observance of Civil/Criminal law.  No Beth El Synagogue youth or staff shall violate any civil or criminal law, including, but not limited to, those related to tampering of or destruction to property, and destruction of one’s own or another person’s physical and/or mental integrity (including, but not limited to all forms of bullying).  Inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact or language, indecent attire or public nudity, shall not be permitted.

8.   Language and behavior of all Beth El Synagogue youth must be appropriate. Derogatory names, bullying, physical altercations, and offensive language or behaviors are strictly prohibited. This includes the misuse or inappropriate use of technology, even in advance or after Beth El Synagogue events.

9.  Cooperation with Staff.  Beth El Synagogue youth shall fully cooperate with every staff person, including volunteer staff persons, and shall otherwise adhere to all rules established for the event. Beth El Synagogue youth are expected to behave in a respectful and considerate manner to all staff, volunteers, and event participants.

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct shall be subject to disciplinary consequences, including, but not limited to:

(1)  Expulsion from the event.  This means being sent home at one’s personal expense (or at the expense of his/her parent/guardian).

(2)  Remuneration for personal and/or property damages

(3)  Suspension from future Beth El Synagogue youth and/or regional and international Kadimah/USY programming. 

The event director reserves the right to enforce these and any other behavioral rules, and impose additional sanctions with respect to behavior that would otherwise affect the integrity of the Beth El Synagogue youth event and/or the health, safety and welfare of its participants and staff.  No long-term consequences will be handed down without concert from the Youth Commission and/or Youth Commission Chair.

Parent Endorsement

My child has my permission to attend this event. I also give permission for my child to ride a bus to and from the event. In case of emergency, I give the adult in charge my permission for medical treatment to facilitate immediate emergency action. I hereby authorize the medical personnel to order x-rays, routine tests and treatment for my child, and in the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby authorize the physician to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and order injection and/or anesthesia and/or surgery for my child as named above. I understand that I shall be responsible to pay for any medical care rendered to my child while attending this Beth El Synagogue function.