Apply for USY Executive Board 2018-2019

Tuesday May 22, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Elections Process Schedule

  1. Contact Andrew to schedule a MANDATORY candidate and parent/guardian information meeting 1 on 1.


  1. Monday, April 23rd through Friday May 11th (before Shabbat): Meet with Andrew 1 on 1 to discuss elections process and what position interested in running for (with a parent/guardian on the phone or at the meeting)


  1. May 11th: Applications must be submitted through this online form by 5pm at the latest. 


  1. May 22nd: Elections will be held Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:30PM-8:30PM. Snacks will be served!


  1. Tuesday, May 29th, 6-8:30pm: There will be a joint board meeting with the outgoing and incoming executive board. Following the meeting, new board members will be installed at the USY Final Banquet. Additionally, outgoing seniors will be honored and incoming freshmen will be welcomed.


Candidate Information

Please use the following format: Month Day, Year

Please indicate the Executive Board position you would like to drop down to. THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THOSE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT:

Background Information Prompts

Please type concise answers to the following questions. Your answers will be distributed to the chapter prior to elections in order to give them some background information about you.

1. In what leadership capacities have you served the chapter? (Executive or General Board experience, event chairperson, program planner, etc.)

2. What regional events have you attended?

3. What forms of Judaic studies are you currently involved in? What are your plans for next year, with regard to Jewish education?

4. What (if any) extra-curricular activities will you be involved in next year, and how much of your time do you expect they will take?

5. Why do you want to be on BERUSY board?

6. Why did you select the position you are running for?

7. What qualities do you possess that will make you an asset to the BERUSY Board?


I agree to uphold the standards of United Synagogue Youth (USY) and Beth El Rishon USY (BERUSY) Chapter as outlined in the BERUSY constitution and Chapter Executive/General Board Standards Agreement. I understand that violation of these standards will result in consequence enforced by the Youth Director and Youth Commission as seen fit, not to exclude impeachment and removal from office.

Parent Endorsement

Parental support is extremely important to the success of board members and the chapter. Please have your parent/guardian indicate here that you have discussed your plans of running for board with them and that they understand and accept the Chapter Board standards.