Register for L'Hiyot B'Kesher 2019-2020

The goal of Beth El's L'hiyot B'Kesher (Keep in Touch Committee) is to maintain contact with our young adults, up to and including age 25 whether they are away at school, living at home or on their own.  When you register each year, we stay connected in many ways:

(1) By sending four packages throughout the year including our always popular Chanukkah and Purim packages

(2) By sending an annual directory with email addresses and phone numbers of all registered young adults

(3) By sending the Beth El Shofar on a quarterly basis.

In addition to keeping our young people connected, L'hiyot B'Kesher is a way for all of us to stay connected as our children enter the next stage of their lives.  Working together on this committee is an excellent way to catch up, support and share the experience of parenting our adult children.  

Even if you've registered your young adults previously, you must re-submit them each year in order for that they be included.  Please complete the registration form below, no later than October 4, 2019.

In order to offset costs, we ask you to make a donation to support this program in the amount of $36 per child. In the past, many of our parents have generously given above our basic cost.  If you are able to do so it will be appreciated. Scholarships are available if you are unable to pay the cost.  Please contact L'hiyot B'Kesher Chair, Betsy Birnberg, at or 612-719-6745 for more information.

Parent/Guardian Information

Please consider an additional donation to help subsidize those who otherwise couldn't afford this initiative.

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