Sign Up for Fiterman Mitzvah Corps '19-'20

We are delighted to announce the 7th year of the Fiterman Mitzvah Corps.

The Fiterman Mitzvah Corps is a group of post b’nai mitzvah students who work “l’takein olam, to repair the world” by turning their years of b’nai mitzvah study into action. In the process, they will come to understand the fundamentals of philanthropy and non- profits and the value of tzedakah. This exciting new initiative is sponsored by the Ben and Bernice Fiterman Family in conjunction with the Fiterman B’nai Mitzvah Program and Beth El USY. 

Here is how it works: Each participant will be given seed money. Working as a group, corps members will determine how to best allocate their collective funds. They will request proposals and make grants to local charities. Through project-based learning and site visits, members of the Fiterman Mitzvah Corps will develop the skills and understanding to become future leaders of our synagogue and the Twin City Jewish community. 

The Fiterman Mitzvah Corps is open to our post b’nai mitzvah eighth graders and requires attendance at four educational sessions on Shabbat morning, four site visits to local non-profit organizations, and an allocations meeting. The dates for the educational sessions are on Shabbat mornings and will be forwarded to you soon. There is no cost to participate in the program, but we do encourage participants to contribute some of their own money to the fund. All donations made by students will be matched in kind.

To participate, please submit your registration for the program through the following online form no later than September 30. 

For additional information, please contact Mary: 


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