Donate to Beth El Synagogue

Everyone whose spirit moved him came bringing offerings for the work of the Tent of Meeting. (Exodus 35:21)

Thank you for choosing to donate to Beth El Synagogue! To make a donation, select the fund, the tribute type, and where to send the notification. A card will be sent on your behalf and your donation will be acknowledged in the Shofar, Beth El's monthly newsletter. The amount will not be disclosed to the card recipient.

Please note the following:

  • You can make several donations at once and to different funds. Each donation must be a minimum of $10.00 and only one person/occasion can be designated per donation.
  • Several endowment funds are designated for special use. To see a brief description of each fund, click on the "Description of Beth El Funds" link below.
  • If you need assistance using this form, Beth El staff would be happy to help you. Call 952-873-7300 and speak with Liz Rappaport or a finance representative during regular office hours.

» Description of Beth El Funds

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